MEF affirms delivery of transport subsidy

María Antonieta Alva, ratified minister of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, has indicated that as of July 27, the regional municipalities will receive a national subsidy for the respective areas that correspond to transportation. The measure will be carried out after an emergency decree issued on July 2, in which at least 38 million soles will be sent to 26 local governments.

«The emergency decree provides for a series of operational steps that included municipalities sending to the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) the vehicle standards that will receive this subsidy,» explained Alva.

This information was recently received by your portfolio, which leads to the approval and next delivery process. «There is a commitment so that as soon as the registry enters the MEF, we will give speed to make transfers to local governments,» she emphasized.


This measure could also improve the processes of the Metropolitan. It should be remembered that just a few weeks ago, the Lima Municipality was requesting a subsidy that allows public transportation in the capital to continue its operations continuously. It is expected that this subsidy can be approved between today or next Wednesday, July 29.

«In this case [subsidy] we are working on an emergency decree that would have to enter the Council of Ministers today. If for a reason it does not enter today, it will enter next week’s session anyway because there were several things to do by some actors such as Protransporte, MTC and ATU, but that is already defined. It is a COVID rate that the central government is going to assume. It is on track and we have to wait for the rule. The important thing is that last week it was not the stoppage and prices did not rise, «said Lima mayor Jorge Muñoz in conversation with a local media.

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