Questions to the Executive: The country’s complaint

During the press conference given by the President of the Republic together with his team of ministers, questions from some media that were chosen at random were answered. The questions posed by the media mostly addressed a series of criticisms and questions about the current state of some sectors of the country.

The first of these was carried out by a newspaper in the city of Pasco in Ancash, who expressed the feelings of the inhabitants of that area regarding the education sector, since many communities do not have sufficient coverage to participate in classes of I learn at home. For this, the Minister of Education, Martin Benavides took part.

The head of education, mentioned that lines of action will be taken to counteract that digital gap, for this he mentioned that tablets will be awarded to 76% of educational establishments, these devices will have educational content so that the same students can make use of it, Without connection.

On the other hand, one of the questions asked was the medical collapse of the area, since Pasco’s health personnel have not been remunerated in 3 months, thus, as the Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti, reported that technical teams MINSA will go to various regions to regularize the missing budget, which corresponds until December.


Update in the death toll.
Other of the points dealt with in the round of questions, was the question of the exact number of deaths by covid-19, since to this day, there is a gap, with the figures provided by MINSA and other organizations, As the SINADEF, for this the health head, stated that it is a complicated job, because the personnel in charge of data collection is affected by the virus, and that many of the concentrations focus on care for patients, that is why there is no constant record.


The Minister of Labor.

Another of the questions raised was the appointment of the new Minister of Labor, since according to some, he does not have sufficient experience to assume such a position, for this, the Prime Minister, Pedro Cateriano, took the floor and stated that the decision is not arbitrary. (in the election to the minister) since for this, the proposal goes through a ministerial referendum in which each of the members of the New Cabinet takes the vote to decide on the appointment of a minister.

Following the premier’s words, the Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, Martin Ruggiero, speaks out, who reveals 5 aspects on which his action policies around the medium and short term will be based, to respond to the labor crisis by the coronavirus.

The minister said that the opening of the TRABAJA PERÚ program will be the first measure in his portfolio, which seeks to boost economic recovery and promote employment. Second, Ruggiero spoke about the extension of the temporary validity of remote work.

As a third measure, he referred to the coordinated efforts that will be maintained with SUNAFIL and the Ministry of Labor, to expedite and resolve the issue of perfect suspension (measure of the Constitution that seeks that worker and employer can reach a mutual agreement) .

In the fourth measure, he referred to the plan of fractionation in the debt of workers; and finally, a coordinated work with the Ministry of Economy. At the end (Martin Ruggiero), the Prime Minister said that political attacks will always be present and must be subject to it.


In the last point that was carried out, the issue of the current situation in Cajamarca was touched upon, since according to the journalist of the media that presented the question, it is said that in that region there is an exemplary case of few infections; but that the statements of a minister do not reflect reality, since there is currently a deficit in the health system of said department.

To do this, the president gave the floor to the defense minister, who stated that: ‘In Cajamarca, the pandemic had an initial cycle of containment, where people were respectful of the rules and Cajamarca became an example at the national level and International Organization for Pandemic Control. There is a second stage, which undoubtedly with the economic reactivation and the departure of people to work, the population began to catch on. At the moment Cajamarca is in an intermediate stage of the pandemic, ’o he pointed out.

Other of the ministers who took part, was the health minister, Pilar Mazzetti, who pointed out that for the Cajamarca region, the supply of oxygen tanks, cryogenic tanks, 50 additional beds, and by the MEF, the transfer of 34 million soles.

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