3D printed nuggets? Discover the curious initiative of KFC

Lately, we’ve seen big restaurant chains innovating in their field to fight against climate change and animal cruelty. To join this group of innovators, KFC is working to develop artificial chicken meat to reduce the slaughter of these animals. Also, the brand ensures that in this way its products would be healthier for customers.

Currently, the giant of fried chicken is working in the development of new technology from the hand of a Russian laboratory called 3D Bioprinting Solutions. The method they are using is called 3D bioprinting, which takes chicken cells grown in laboratories, these are mixed with plant material to recreate the flavor and texture of the chicken. These ingredients together form a paste with which the meat is printed, which will later be distributed in restaurants for its preparation.

Source: Medical Daily

In this way, an important doubt would be clarified, since many when hearing the expression of «3D printing» can associate this product with the consumption of meat made of plastic.

The first product to reproduce with this new technology would be chicken nuggets. This is because KFC is trying to recreate the flavor of the chicken as «as similar in taste and appearance as possible» and this product is a good way to get started on the project. On the other hand, it is ensured that Colonel Sanders’ fried chicken secret would’ve been shared with the laboratory so that KFC products would maintain their characteristic flavor and texture.

The production of these futuristic nuggets would be much greener than the standard chicken meat that has been offered for so long. Among the benefits of this innovation is the reduction of greenhouse gases and energy consumption, which would not be possible with the old methods used by the poultry industry.

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