Constitution Commission: Debate over internal elections

The Congress Constitution and Regulation Commission will extend the debate to approve the ruling on the rules for internal elections for August 4, in which the transitional rules will be established in the party’s electoral elections for the next elections of 2021 (year of bicentennial).

After the twelfth virtual extraordinary session of the specialized commission of parliament ended, the president of the commission, Omar Chehade of the Alliance for Progress, indicated that so far 90% has been advanced and only the difference (10%) remained for reach consensus on the issue.

Thus, during the debate, the legislators focused on establishing that the candidates in the internal elections of their political party must have a series of requirements, which, among them, must have 6 months (minimum) of affiliation to the political organization they represent.

In this regard, there were positions against the proposed proposal, so the head of the Constitution Commission of the Congress of the Republic pointed out that for next August 4 from hours before noon, the debate on the pre-opinion will continue in mention.

Another of the topics that the predictamen addresses is the text that indicates that they must be carried out on the same day at the polling station and that they must be available from 7 in the morning until 7 in the morning. night. And if for some reason the president of the table encounters the reality that all the voters have already cast their vote, he may declare the vote finished (at his table) before 7 at night.

Among other points, people vulnerable to the Covid-19 contagion will be identified by the National Health Authority and, according to the bases of the prediction, are exempt from paying a fine for not voting or missing the voting table. For this, the JNE (National Jury of Elections in a joint work with the ONPE must open virtual mechanisms for the process of justification and excuse to be a member of the table.

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