Attorney General urges Congress

A request by the Public Prosecutor’s Office specialized in corruption crimes commissioned the legislature to prioritize the constitutional complaints that are presented from the Public Ministry, through its head Zoraida Avalos before the Congress of the Republic.

Among the complaints presented, the accusation of former high-ranking officials of the State and other sectors stands out in the alleged crimes of corruption and criminal organization, in which it is mentioned that the accusations are fully justified by constitutional complaints made.

It should be remembered that the Office of the Prosecutor promoted in 2018 the initiative before parliament for constitutional complaints to former members of the Supreme Judge of the Judiciary, the Public Ministry and the National Council of the Magistracy for their alleged links with the criminal organization: “Los White Necks of the Port”.

Likewise, the attorney general’s office indicated that the Congress of the Republic has an obligation to pave the way to open and / or deepen investigations in the cases presented. To do this, parliament was asked to address constitutional complaints to support the development of tax investigations.

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