Taiwan: grandparents are famous for modeling forgotten laundry

An elderly couple from Taiwan has become a rage on social networks, the spouses are the owners of a laundry that has operated for six decades in the Asian country. The fun couple has accumulated clothes from decades ago because many of their clients never recognize her for not paying the bill or because they simply forgot.

Chang Wan-ji and Hsu Sho-er, 83 and 84, have been married for 61 years and have four children. Their grandson Reef Chang had the brilliant idea to register them on Instagram, where the elderly had photos with vintage outfits that were forgotten by their owners in the laundry that they manage «Wansho».

abuelos taiwanes influencers
Chang Wan-ji y Hsu Sho-er (Instagram)

The Instagram account wantshowasyoung it was created in June and has already accumulated 480 thousand followers, who daily follow the hipster looks of the famous couple, who has been interviewed by the New York Times, where she assured that her only wish is that the owners of the outfits that today visit their social networks, come back to the place for their clothes and pay the bill.}

«I never imagined that at my age so many people wanted to see photos of me«, confesses Hsu Sho-er, the old woman assures that at first she did not understand anything about what was happening on social networks, and her grandson helped her, as well as with the «outfits» you saw on Instagram were advised by friends of your grandson who know fashion. For his part, Grandpa Wan-ji said, «Dressed like this, I felt 30 years younger«.

abuelos taiwaneses
Chang Wan-ji y Hsu Sho-er (Instagram)

The grandson of the hipster grandparents has confessed that he never imagined the success that the elderly would have, «I had no idea that so many foreigners were interested in my grandparents» since the Taiwanese became influential people, miles of people until their discharge, necessary hopes to be able to wash their clothes in the place and to use selfies with the couple partner.

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