Possible use of VIDENA for LIGA 1 matches alarms the Peruvian Athletics Federation

The board of directors of the Peruvian Athletics Federation issued a statement rejecting any possibility or idea of ​​using the stadium of the Villa Deportiva Nacional to host matches of the Peruvian soccer league because said competition will be held exceptionally in the city of Lima.

As part of the return to soccer in Peru, the Peruvian Soccer Federation, hand in hand with LIGA 1, issued the protocols to follow and the new format that this competition will take. In it, the city of Lima was confirmed as the only venue to play the matches. However, due to the lack of stadiums and training venues, the possibility of integrating the VIDENA stadium as an option became known. This provoked the reaction of the athletes, who argue that the stadium in which they train was not built for this purpose and that it is not the first time that the FPF has attempted to appropriate a stadium that had another purpose.

Unfortunately, some authorities, unaware of the history of Peru, want to repeat sad events for our sport. Suffice it to remember that the National Stadium was a donation made by the British Government to Peru and delivered to the Athletic Sports Federation as part of the Centennial Commemoration of Independence, but years later it was absorbed by football, stripping us of a stage for practice. of our sport.

It should be noted that this idea has not yet been confirmed by soccer authorities in our country; however, it is necessary to listen to the explanations issued by the FPA, since its arguments are importantly supported, although the important thing is to avoid conflicts and reach an agreement.

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