Complaint against Aldermen of Popular Action for blocking investigations against the deceased minor in the Lima park well

The alderman of the Municipality of Lima for Podemos Peru, Victor Aguila pointed out that today (Wednesday, July 29), there was an obstacle and blockade by the aldermen of the Popular Action party to carry out a commission to give him the sanction corresponding to the officials responsible for the maintenance of public spaces, this after the death of the minor who fell into a hole in a park in Cercado de Lima.

The alderman, who testified for RPP news, pointed out that during the Council session, the aldermen of Popular Action did not choose to approve the creation of an investigative commission in which officials can make their point of view known. Likewise, he added that the municipal session was not broadcast on social networks.}

«We regret that the majority of Aldermen of Popular Action have not supported the request to form an investigative commission that would have found responsible and administrative responsibilities at least among those who are in charge of the care of public spaces,» he said.

On the other hand, the municipality official told the aforementioned media that during the exchange of opinions at the meeting, one of the AP councilors commented that no responsibility should be sought for the case of the minor who died in the accident. He also indicated that the Lima burgomaster, Jorge Muñoz, was not present at the session.

‘It is a pity that we have not had the presence of Mayor Muñoz, who a few minutes after the session began, told us that he had technical problems and did not reconnect, leaving the Council’s management in charge of the deputy mayor,’ he said.

It should be remembered that last Sunday, a minor of two years of age died after falling into a well more than 40 meters deep, this located in the Roma del Cercado de Lima park, where the minor was walking, due to what happened, the firefighters arrived; however, in a job of more than 12 hours, they could not rescue the minor alive.

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