New York offers free face masks on its buses

New York authorities announced this afternoon that they will provide free face masks on their buses. In search of preventing an infectious focus within public transportation, a total of 100 mask dispensers have been installed on buses in the US city, as reported by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

One hundred dispensers of surgical masks have already been distributed in three districts of the city, and it was also known that the most benefited would be the inhabitants of the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island, areas that cover six initial routes.

The city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority noted that by August they plan to have installed a total of 400 dispensers on buses and another 20 on routes. «This is another important way to find solutions to ensure that customers can obtain a mask conveniently if they have lost or forgotten theirs when they get on a bus«, the president of the Bus Company said in a statement. from the MTA, Craig Cipriano.

mask ny
New York buses will have free masks (Photo: Twitter)

The spokesperson assured that wearing masks is part of respecting the health of others, the reason would be to protect passengers and bus operators. He also indicated that the measure was taken because in New York City it is mandatory to wear masks on public transportation.

The dispensers will have a capacity for 50 masks and will also be replenished daily. The state of New York has delivered a million masks for the cause, on the other hand, the state and the city of New York donated another 2 million a few months ago.

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