Pedro Cateriano defends the message to the Nation

Pedro Cateriano, President of the Council of Ministers, indicated that when he asks for the vote of confidence before the Plenary of the Congress of the Republic there will be spaces for criticism of the Executive power, and declared that the parliamentarians who criticize the lack of self-criticism in the message to the Nation of the head of State, before it the premier said that there is no politician who self-flagellates.

“We listen to constructive and destructive criticism permanently. Naturally, I have taken due note of the constructive criticism and, in that sense, I have no problem expanding the explanations in the message that I will give (before Congress) and a parliamentary debate will take place … This will take place. Now, I don’t know a politician who is going to self-flagellate as some adversaries want. That in politics does not exist, ”he indicated.

In this sense, Cateriano commented on the criticisms made by congressmen from various political groups in parliament against the message of July 28. He also added that requests for further explanations for the measures announced by Vizcarra Cornejo will be met, because that corresponds to his duties as head of the Ministerial Cabinet.

‘It has complied with the provisions of the Constitution and, also according to the constitutional text, the President of the Council of Ministers attends Congress to expose the general government policy and the measures it proposes. I am working on that goal and on August 3 I will attend. Naturally, I will give a more detailed explanation in economic matters, I will have to be more specific as long as that corresponds to me, «added Cateriano.

In this sense, the Prime Minister noted that the Government is carrying out a call for dialogue to make the Pact Peru viable, the new initiative presented by the president in his message to the Nation, this in order to achieve consensus and obtain elections neutral, free and democratic.

‘We are in an exceptional situation never before seen in our parliamentary history, where a Government does not have representation within Congress. In that sense, I will have to redouble efforts to build bridges and establish minimum coordination mechanisms and prepare, as established in the Rules of Congress, a legislative agenda between now and the end of the year, «added Cateriano.

It should be recalled that today, Wednesday July 29, the President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano and the President of the Republic, Martin Vizcarra participated in the civic-military ceremony that was held at the Army Headquarters in commemoration of the heroes of the various institutions that have fought against the outbreak of the pandemic by Covid-19.

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