Protests in Berlin demand an end to the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus

About 7,000 thousand protesters took to the streets of Berlin to demonstrate against the restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus. The people who participated in the protest did not wear masks and assured that the limitations due to the pandemic violate the right to freedom.

This afternoon, miles of people gathered at the emblematic Brandenburg Gate to celebrate «the end of the pandemic», called by different organizations, including the extreme right, the protesters mobilized to the Victory Column with banners alluding to conspiracies that have coming growing in social networks, such as the supposed interests that the pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates would have in relation to the Coronavirus, in addition, anti-vaccine movements and extreme right opponents of Angela Merkel were present.

Protests in Berlin (REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch)

The city authorities have reported a strong security device, due in addition to the protests, it is known that there are called left marches, usual spontaneous parties in the city, where around 1,000 people gather despite the risk of spread of coronavirus.

Germany has a total of 211,000 infected and 9,224 deaths, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), in the last 24 hours the country that has added 955 infections, recently the number of people infected with Coronavirus per day has increased, a week ago those infected they were between 800 to 850 daily, while in June they were between 300 to 350.

The country is trying to cope with outbreaks of the virus that have free tests for travelers who have access from the destinations most affected by COVID-19. From this Monday the tests will be mandatory, as reported by the Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, who was optimistic about the new rule, despite the fact that many criticized the government’s decision, alleging that this should be paid by each traveler so as not to overburden the public health system.

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