The Minister of Education will be questioned for the SUNEDU case

The Congress of the Republic, by means of a plenary agreement, agreed to present an appeal to the Minister of Education, Martin Benavides, this as part of the investigations and criticism of the holder of the portfolio for the licensing process of two universities, when the Ministers was the President of the National Superintendence of Higher University Education (SUNEDU).

Said agreement (on the presentation of interpellation) obtained 94 votes in favor, 15 against and 15 abstentions within the exchange of opinion of the parliament. In the details of the debate, the initiative of legislator Walter Rivera from Acción Popular was highlighted.

Rivera argued that during the licensing process of the branches of the Technological University of Peru (UTP) and the Universidad Peruano Alemana (UPAL), they did not have the requirements established by law to provide licensing.
Likewise, it was understood that the interpellation presented to the Minister of Education includes 33 questions that would help clarify the roadmap of the former head of SUNEDU.

In another point, the parliamentarian Fernando Sagasti, spokesman for the political group: The Purple Party, pointed out that the interpellation mechanisms allow determining the political responsibility of a minister of state when he exercises his office; however, this differs when it comes to a fact that is not retroactive, that is, when it fulfilled functions for another institution.

From that point, it is that Sagasti requested the explanation of the Constitution Commission on the relevance of questioning Martin Benavides, for the supposed responsibilities imposed on him, long before he was the holder of the education portfolio.

On the other hand, for legislators like Carlos Mesías of Fuerza Popular, this process of interpellation to Benavides is viable, since within his political responsibilities as minister, what happens with the SUNEDU in the licensing processes reaches its obligations.

It should be noted that this interpellation corresponds to the licensing process for public and private universities within the framework of the strengthening and regulation of the country’s educational institutions.

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