Bolivia announced the end of the school year due to the pandemic

The Bolivian government has decided to cancel school classes due to the Coronavirus. The pandemic has prevented children from returning to schools, many institutions have chosen to replace classrooms with virtual classrooms, which has shown in several countries that not only the health system was abandoned but also the educational system, since not all students have the same conditions, those who live in poverty have not been able to continue with the classes through the internet.

Jeanine Añez, interim president of Bolivia, has decided that school classes in the country are canceled, as of August 3 all students will automatically approve the year, concluding this period without any failure, the measure will apply to all levels, initial, primary and secondary.

The minister of the presidency, Yerko Núñez, declared in a press conference this afternoon, “The vast majority of rural areas do not have internet, children do not have internet. Fiber optics only reach cities. There are no conditions … so we have seen fit to close the school year. ”

The Bolivian government banned the opening of schools in March, in June it was announced that virtual classes would continue until December, causing complaints from parents and teachers, who went out to protest the streets of La Paz.

The Coronavirus increasingly claims more victims in Bolivia, where a total of 3,064 deaths and 78,793 infections have already been registered. The Ministry of Health has reported that at least 80 people currently die daily.

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