Outrage in Spain for holding a bullfight without social distancing

A bullfight held in Andalusia has sparked outrage from the Spanish, who until recently announced Coronavirus outbreaks in various regions of the country, in the massive event attendees did not wear masks or respect distance protocols to avoid contagion of the virus.

The images went viral through social networks, where several users have criticized the actions of the people present, who clearly do not have the two meters indicated by the country’s health recommendations, Spain also forces citizens to wear masks in spaces public, in which the required distance cannot be maintained, the images can be distinguished from several that do not carry them.

Andalusia since last July 14, fined 100 euros to citizens who do not comply with the use of face shields, even if they are respecting the distance ordered by the authorities.


On the other hand, the Andalusian government allows a 50% capacity due to the Coronavirus, representatives of the Plaza de Toros de la Merced de Huelva, responsible for the bullfighting event, have assured through a statement that only 39% of its capacity.

The criticisms of the outraged users have not stopped, because Spain presents one of the most significant outbreaks according to its statistics, only on Friday the Ministry of Health reported 1,500 infections, the total number of infected reached 297,054 and 28,472 died.


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