Emmanuel Macron visits Beirut and is greeted by a devastated crowd

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, arrived in the city of Beirut this morning, he toured the port area devastated by the explosion that occurred on Tuesday, which has left more than 300,000 people homeless, the arrival of the president caused different emotions among the population, who tired of the corrupt governments in the country asked him for help, emotional phrases such as “You are our only hope, please, sir! Help us!”, They were heard among the magnitude.

The streets of Beirut have become the worst scene in a science fiction movie, the damage caused by the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive product that has been stored in the port since 2014, would have caused material losses of between 3,000 and 5,000 million dollars, according to the Lebanese authorities, who assured that these figures are not yet confirmed.


France spoke out showing its solidarity with the country since the fatal news was released, in addition, the French government sent 15 tons of medical equipment and two military aircraft with medical personnel, including rescue experts and tracking dogs.

The visit of Emmanuel Macron this Thursday to Beirut, shocked a population struck by the indifference of a negligent government, citizens tired of the corruption of the rulers of Lebanon, approached Macron and asked him for the intervention of France, to the cries of «Revolution!», «End of the regime!», «President Michel Aoun is a terrorist!», The complaints began to the French commission that was touring the place, a man shouted «Come and rule us!», While others enraged asked him, «Help us. Please help us. What are you doing to help us?»

A woman hugs President Macron in the middle of the crowd

The emotional moment came when a woman approached the French President, pushing the bodyguards aside to hug him, while the other citizens shouted “You are our only hope, please, sir! Help us!”, Lebanese fed up with government corruption also expressed their rejection of it with phrases such as “Don’t give the government money”.

A Twitter user shared the moment when she approached the French president to tell him not to give the Lebanese government money because they are not trustworthy, to which Macron replied «I know».

Emmanuel Macron assured that he would urge Lebanon’s leaders to accept a new political agreement, to change the system and stop corruption in the country. Macron is the first president to arrive in Lebanon after the massive explosion. The small Mediterranean country was a French protectorate for 23 years in colonial times.

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