Martín Vizcarra took the oath of the new Martos Cabinet

In the last hours the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra took the oath of the new cabinet that has preceded that of Pedro Cateriano. This time the head who would direct the Presidency of the Council of Ministers would be Walter Martos, the former defense minister.

The new cabinet is made up of:

  • Presidency of the Council of Ministers: Walter Martos
  • Ministry of Defense: Jorge Chávez Cresta
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance María Antonieta Alva
  • Ministry of the Interior: Jorge Montoya
  • Ministry of Justice and Human Rights: Ana Neyra
  • Ministry of Education: Martín Benavides
  • Ministry of Health: Pilar Mazzetti
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation: Jorge Montenegro
  • Production Ministry: José Salardi

The changes

There have been five changes in the ministerial team of Martín Vizcarra. However, the portfolios involved in the debate such as that of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Education keep their holders unchanged.

  • PCM: Walter Martos
  • Work: Javier Palacios
  • Woman: Rosario Sasieta
  • Energy and mines: Luis Miguel Inchustegui
  • Defender: Jorge Luis Chavez


What is striking about the new cabinet and that puts the population in an evident state of alert is the presence of 3 military personnel at the ministerial level. Given this, the influential journalist, Beto Ortiz, questioned and slipped the question in the representation of the uncertainties that this fact has generated.


«Will Walter Martos, the defender, be Cateriano’s replacement? Hopefully putting an Army General as Premier does not end up serving, on a silver platter, the military coup with which so many dream», he said.

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