The meeting between Manuel Merino and Walter Martos

The new president of the Council of Ministers, Walter Martos, indicated, after meeting with the President of Congress, Manuel Merino, that his presentation to request a vote of confidence before the Congress of the Republic (and mention the government’s action policies) It will be scheduled for next August 11.

The prime minister declared: ‘With the president of Congress we agree that the investiture vote will be on Tuesday, August 11 at 8:30 a.m. m., I thanked him for the openness and courtesy of receiving me. ‘ Likewise, it was mentioned that the proposal to the head of the congress focuses on the will of the heads of the ministerial portfolios to fully work in their respective cabinets.

In this sense, Martos advanced the topics of his speech for next August 11, among which are: the fight against the pandemic as the main axis, the economic reactivation as a central sub-theme, citizen security and the generation of work as references in the structure of your speech.

On the other hand, this morning, Manuel Merino urged his colleagues in the Legislative Palace to maintain calm, this, after the new premier was sworn in. In that sense, it was also denied that there are claims by parliament to obstruct the Executive’s plans.

‘I want to call all the members of parliament to calm down, there is no motivation on the part of Congress to generate destabilization in the Government. A new cabinet was appointed and I will meet with Walter Martos to schedule the date for his presentation and the vote of confidence, » the president of Congress urged before meeting with the prime minister.

Merino reiterated that there was no type of manipulation by parts of the parliamentary benches to grant the vote of confidence to Cateriano, and that there is only willingness to join forces so that all Peruvians know that they are represented in Congress.

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