4 natural anxiolytics that will give you peace of mind

Peru has registered an alarming increase in the use of anxiolytics in connection with the quarantine. Many people have found themselves in need of better sleep and calm the anxiety that has arisen as a result of constant exposure to information about the pandemic, among others. To do this, many have turned to pharmacies without a prescription to request medications that can help reduce anxiety.

Anxiolytics are drugs that belong to the group of sedatives. As they are depressants of the nervous system, they reduce anxiety but do not reach the point of causing drowsiness. According to the CEDRO association, the indiscriminate consumption of this type of medication and without the authorization of a treating doctor can become a case of addiction as strong as in the case of cocaine addicts.

But what can be some natural alternatives that can produce the same effects in the body? There are different natural products that can make a difference in the nervous system and that can reduce anxiety. Here are some of them:

  1. Melissa
    It is a plant that has the power to quickly reduce the effects of anxiety, it is capable of controlling stress and calming the nerves in a considerable, natural, and effective way. In addition, its flavor leaves a good taste on the palate.

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  2. Lavender
    Its use in aromatherapy as well as in a tea can effectively change the mood. If the anxiety of confinement can cause stress and other despair, some lavender incense will be able to calm your spirits quickly and effectively. In addition, it is capable of disinfecting wounds, repel insects, and eliminate headaches.
  3. Chamomile
    Who hasn’t had a cup of chamomile tea to calm their nerves? This plant is a remedy par excellence when it comes to calming anxiety, but it is so complete and ancient that it has been taking care of ailments such as stomach pain, flatulence, disinfecting wounds and reducing inflammation.
  4. Orange blossom water
    Orange blossom water has been used for many years both for medicinal purposes, menstrual discomfort, nervous states, colic, fainting, and for the perfumery industry.

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  5. Linden
    If you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable with a situation and that tightness in the chest does not leave you alone, a linden tea could calm those nerves or discomfort.

If the problem persists, it is better to visit a doctor rather than self-medicate. This could be more dangerous than the disease itself.

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