Outrage on social networks over macho comments by a Mexican senator [VIDEO]

The behavior of a Mexican senator has caused the indignation of many through social networks, the politician Samuel García, who had a macho behavior towards his wife Mariana Rodríguez, while they shared a video call through Instagram.

The senator of the Movimiento Ciudadano (Citizen Movement) party has been the protagonist of a video in which he emits macho comments towards his wife. «Raise the camera, you are showing a lot of legs» demanded the young senator as he ate some ribs together with Rodríguez, who replied «A lot of legs? But it was just my knees», then Samuel García added, «I married you for me, not so that you are showing ”.

The audiovisual was quickly viral on Twitter and Facebook, where outraged users made a trend of the hashtag #YoEnseñoLoQueQuiera (I show what I want),  condemning Samuel García’s comments.

Criticisms have not taken long to appear, the deputy Jorge Álvarez Máynez, belonging to the Movimiento Ciudadano, was one of the first to condemn the unfortunate act, «A good amount of aggressions and expressions of violence against women have been hidden in the ‘humor ‘and the presumed lightness with which we repeat them», he said through his Twitter account.

Samuel García would have responded to Álvarez’s tweet assuring that macho jokes are part of bad masculine habits, he would also have appreciated the criticism, “macho jokes are a bad habit that many men have and that we have to remove. I already apologized to Mariana and I am grateful that they point out this type of attitude to me. They are not correct and they have to stop» he pointed out.

Currently, Mariana Rodríguez is under quarantine after seeing positive for the Coronavirus, under this context within the video Rodríguez asks if he would have married her if he knew that he would contract the virus, “If they had told me, I run! How was I to know that I was going to marry such a salty woman? « answered the senator, who married his wife in March of this year.


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