Maskne: have you suffered from acne after using masks? Here the answer

After the pandemic, the use of different products has become a daily habit to deal with. Among these are the masks whose prolonged use could harm the health of our skin.

Ready. We have become fans of cleaning and protective products. It’s something we’ll have to live with for some time until a vaccine comes out, but in the middle of a pandemic, anything goes. In the case of masks, there is no exception. However, many have noticed with the passing of the days that there is a tendency to have an oily complexion and, therefore, the dreaded pimples have approached.

As if it were adolescence, these small lumps of fat come out as a result of the continuous use of the mask and the friction of the synthetic fabric on the face. For this, the nickname ‘maskné’ that plays with the term mask and acne has already become very popular. But what really happens on the skin?

«It is actually a common acne that can occur in people who never had it. The mask is going to be essential to protect ourselves and we have to live with it, but our skin is not used to it and this is one of its effects,» he said. Mar Mira, specialist in aesthetic medicine and nutrition and co-founder of the Mira + Cueto clinic, in Spain, during an interview for the BBC.

Dermatologist Amy Kassouf, of the Cleveland Clinic, an American academic medical center based in Ohio, says that maskné «has always been a problem in professions where it must be used regularly, but now that its use has spread to the public in overall, the problem has increased. »

Source: El Nacional


To prevent the appearance of maskné and minimize its symptoms, we must remember these three rules:

  • Choose a mild soap. «Cleaning is essential, before and after using the mask, but also choosing suitable products that are respectful of the skin’s lipids.»
  • Hydration with light creams. «It is advisable to use products that hydrate and reinforce the skin barrier, but better in light textures. Better to leave for later oils and unctuous creams that are too heavy for the skin. And it is recommended to apply the moisturizer 30 minutes before putting on the mask» .
  • Intense purification. Products that promote oxygenation will be good allies. «They help the skin breathe better and give it that dose of purity and freshness that it is asking for»
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