Venezuela: 20,000 barrels of oil could have spilled between the country’s coasts

Serious situation! This would be the second oil spill so far in August. The first was registered on the island of Mauritius and the French government was asked to help clean it up.

According to CNN, there was an oil spill on the coasts of Falcón and Carabobo, towns in the plains country. The president of the Venezuelan Ecology Society, Velisa Morón, pointed out that it is estimated that on the coasts of the states of Carabobo and Falcón there was a spill of about 20,000 barrels of oil since August 1 and it could be denoted thanks to the images satellite of the region.

According to it, in addition, this event would have coincided with the stage of reproduction of the corals that exist in the area, which would have caused great natural damage. As far as is known, a total of 10 kilometers would have been recovered and cleaned thanks to the support of fishermen, residents of the area, and authorities who set out to clean the coasts of the ‘black gold’.

This would be the third oil spill that occurs in the year, which as far as they are aware there has been no pronouncement or intervention by the authorities, said María Gabriela Hernández, president of the Permanent Commission on Environment and Natural Resources and Climate Change of Parliament.

The Deputy Minister of Ecosocialism, Josué Lorca has not explained the causes of the event; however, environmental groups have considered that it may have been due to a failure in a PDVSA vessel. Although others claim that it could be due to the waste produced by the El Palito refinery.

When trying to be contacted, PDVSA did not issue any response to its version of events. Meanwhile, various experts pointed out that this spill has altered the life of the towns of Chichiriviche, Boca de Aroa and Tucacas, and seriously endangers numerous marine species such as the corals in question.

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