The Cursed Objects at the Warren Museum: The Space That Houses the Anabelle Doll

The Warren family museum is one of the most famous museums in the world, located in Connecticut is one of the most celebrated places for lovers and curious of the paranormal phenomenon or the occult. This center was founded by the Warren couple, the demonologist Ed Warren and his wife, the medium Lorraine Warren in 1952.

The purpose of this museum was based on exhibiting a demonstration of his most recent investigations, to demonstrate the paranormal cases of his latest works, said museum is located in the basement of his house. Thanks to the reception and the great friend from the public, this space became the favorite of many.

Among its most famous or infamous objects are:
1. Thomas Busby’s cursed chair: Thomas Busby was sentenced to death after murdering his father-in-law. At the time he was being investigated and put on trial, the serial killer said that anyone who rests in his chair will meet death and misfortune. According to reports from innkeepers and people from neighboring towns, this chair was very famous, since each soldier who used to visit the bar where this piece of furniture was found, no longer returned alive.

2. The symbol of Sandy Hoock: This statue is one of the most fearsome objects and in turn, one of the most visited in the Warren museum, since according to the stories, the crafts made should not be touched, because in its interior is trapped the spirit of an evil demon.

3. The Shadow doll: According to legend, in 1986, a young pilot received a gift from one of the housekeepers who served in the young man’s house, the gift was a large doll, 7 feet high. height, stuffed with straw and cooked with wire. Being to the liking of the pilot, he decided to baptize the doll with his own name ‘Robert’. However, according to rumors, the doll would have been a craft by practitioners of voodoo magic, so on many occasions, it was observed that the toy came to life and leaned out of the windows to observe the neighbors.

4. Anna Baker’s wedding dress: Legend has it that in 1849, a young lady from the upper social class fell in love with a low-income young man; however, the lady’s father opposed the wedding, and isolated the young woman so that she would not marry the young man. From that point, it is where many curious people state that on full moon nights, the dress moves, giving clear interest that it would be the signs of the beautiful young woman, who could not marry the love of her life.

5. The Myrtles mirror: The Myrtles house is one of the most famous houses in the world, for being built on the foundations of an old Indian cemetery; However, since the appearance of a mirror in the old building, many rumors suggest that in this mirror you can see the figures of limbs, hands and legs that appear out of nowhere. It is also said that the mirror keeps the soul of many murdered people.

6. The Anabelle doll: According to the stories, the Anabelle doll, who, surprisingly to many, is the same one that is portrayed in Hollywood cinematographic images, has a rather dark past. According to legend, this toy belonged to two girls who mentioned that said doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle Higgins, a minor who was murdered in the 1830s.

7. The tomb of Batsheba Sherman: It is said that Batsheba Sherman was a witch who practiced Satanism, so after the constant attacks, the mad woman committed suicide on the outskirts of her home, hanging herself in a tree. In the Warren museum are the stones that were used to bury the deceased woman; but according to rumors, they were also used to perform occult practices.

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