Donald Trump on Russian Vaccines: Hopefully They Work

At a press conference, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, gave statements about Russian vaccines to cure the coronavirus. From the white house, the president said that said vaccine has skipped certain tests when developing the product, and that despite the speed of the publication of Sputnik V, the US country will not do the same as its Russian counterpart since it will wait for the tests of the first, second and third phases.

´We don’t know much about it, we hope it really works. (But) Certain trials have been skipped, and we believe that it is important to go through the whole process, ‘said the current president from the White House. In this sense, Trump echoed the skepticism expressed by many experts in the field, including figures such as the American epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci, about the vaccine presented last Tuesday by the Russian president: the famous ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine.

On the other hand, the director of the US National Institutes of Health Francis Collins compared this Thursday in a Russian roulette that the decision of the developers of the European vaccine proceeded to give in fundamental parts in the approval process. In this way, the American president insisted in his message given on Friday, August 14, that the advances of the American laboratories are quite advanced and that there will be announcements about it very soon.

In that sense, the president affirmed that there are already 3 possible candidates for clinical trials that are in the last phase, and that at the moment in which any of them is approved, 100 million vaccines will be distributed for the Citizens of the United States, by the end of the year, this, with the aim of producing another 500 million more vaccines to combat Covid-19.

Donald Trump also indicated that through an agreement with the medical distributor McKesson they are in the process of organizing to distribute the possible vaccines, in the operation called «Warp Speed» (maximum speed) that his Government undertook to accelerate and coordinate the viability of this medicine. in all the country.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization received the news from the European country this week; However, in the face of Putin’s affirmations, said world health entity, prefers to be cautious since according to them, they should maintain a process of prequalification and review that marks said institution. In that sense, the WHO added that the Russian vaccine: Sputnik V, was not among the most advanced, this, according to the monitoring radar that the organization was taking with possible medicines.

It should be noted that in the sights of the possible vaccines that fight against Covid-19, the WHO highlights the advances of two Chinese laboratories, 2 American and a British one (that vaccine that is in collaboration with that of the University of Oxford) .

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