From watching Netflix to walking your dog: Find out what activities are allowed on mandatory immobilization Sundays

A statement from the Ministry of the Interior detailed that for this Sunday, August 16 (morning), social immobilization will be resumed on a mandatory basis, this in the context of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In this sense, some activities that could be allowed during the day were highlighted.

– Taking your dog for a walk: One of the activities allowed for compulsory social immobilization Sundays is walking dogs, only to take them to perform their needs for a short period of time. Thus, it is reiterated that people who go out to carry out this activity with their pets must do so very close to their home, with due care and sanitary protocol, such as maintaining social distance and wearing a mask.

‘The Ministry of the Interior informs that this Sunday, during the mandatory social immobilization, people will be able to take their pets for a walk, only for them to fulfill their needs, as long as it is to places close to home and for a short time,’ appreciated in the publication of the social networks of the Ministry of the Interior.

‘As part of the operations to enforce the restriction, the National Police, with the support of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, will verify that a single person is in charge of this activity, maintaining social distance and the mandatory use of the mask, in prevention of COVID-19, ‘he added.

– Order Delivery: Although this is not an activity of its own to leave the door of your house in the open air, it will be very comfortable to go to the door of your house, at least to see how your order arrives, since according to the permits granted, the food delivery service will be allowed, and if necessary the staff must have special documents that justify their work.

– Going out to the pharmacy or the store: Another of the fantastic routines that you are allowed to do for this weekend is to go on an excursion to your nearest store or pharmacy, this only right does not need a formal permit , since it is understood that a person does it out of basic necessity.

It should be noted that the President of the Council of Ministers, Walter Martos mentioned that said regulations will be fulfilled in the next 3 weeks, that is, there will be 3 more Sundays in which the mandatory social immobilization must be observed, after that period it will proceed to take a pertinent decision based on the results obtained in the last weeks (evaluate if the number of infected decreases).

Another factor to consider for tomorrow is the power that the police and the Army may have to intervene in an address where a party, family reunion or any other event is suspected to be taking place. of equal similarity. Remember that immobilization starts from Saturday, August 15 at 10 at night, until Monday 17 at 4 in the morning.

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