Priest is victim of scam after the purchase of oxygen balloons for COVID-19 patients

Credits: Latina

In order to help patients with coronavirus, Father Omar, representative of the Diocese of Lurín and secretary of the Home of the Beatitudes, placed an online order for 10 oxygen bottles. However, he was scammed by a group of criminals using the name of a real company.

Despite the difficult situation, we are experiencing in our country due to the coronavirus, on August 11 the members of the church were victims of this fraud, in which more than S/ 38,000 were lost. Father Omar announced that the police have already identified the criminals and that the real company made a complaint about identity theft a month ago.

“We decided to buy 10 oxygen tanks for these people and we decided to buy online as everyone does now in times of pandemic. We passed the regular control and ended up transferring our money from a BCP account to one of the Banco de la Nación ”, he indicated in Latina.

Father Omar said that they waited for the balls, but never got them. “The next day they were going to give us oxygen around noon. However, that day we realized that his page disappeared from Facebook and his numbers stopped responding,» he said.

“We realized that we had been scammed, since we contacted the real company, and we saw that they had been impersonated from their website to people. They have denounced them for weeks,» he added.

On the other hand, the investigation of the people already identified continues. The parish priest pointed out that they spoke with a man who had a fictitious name, while the account corresponded to a woman with the name of Cindy Ríos who lives in the North, in Chepén. That way, the regular process is followed.

The secretary of the Home of the Beatitudes assured that «as a Church, they have forgiven him and pray for them so that they do not commit these crimes again.» “They cause harm to people who trust and donate. One of them died last night since the oxygen did not arrive at noon”, he concluded.

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