Huge eagle and man pose for a photo

A photograph is being viral all over the world, it is about a man who appears sitting next to a huge eagle over 1 and a half meters high. This capture has triggered countless reactions on social networks.

In the details of the image you can see how a gigantic harpy eagle poses very close to a man unconcerned about the possible consequences that being close to the animal would trigger. However, many opinions have been polarized, as there is considerable skepticism about the veracity of the graphic file.

However, despite the constant debates and rumors that this image generated, reality is based on the authenticity of the bird, which due to its biological characteristics is considered one of the largest in the world, with an average weight that could reach nine kilos and with a height greater than one meter of height of an average man.

As for more details of the harpy eagle, it is known that this is a carnivorous species that has claws that reach 13 centimeters, so it is common to know that they are excellent in hunting monkeys, sloths and other animals with the same proportions.

Regarding the habitat of the animal, it lives in the forests of Mexico, Central America and South America. It is known that it can live an average of 25 to 35 years; however, due to the rare and majestic nature of its species, this animal is listed as being in danger of extinction.

It should be noted that this animal is considered quite hostile to farm creatures and even aggressive towards humans, in many contexts they are linked to occult practices.

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