Thousands of Chinese attended an electronic party in Wuhan in violation of health regulations

The city of Wuhan, the place where the Coronavirus would have started, generated the rejection of thousands of people this weekend, because of the photographs of an electronic music party held in a water park, where you can see how the attendees violate basic health rules such as maintaining social distance and wearing masks in crowded places.

The Maya Beach Water Park was the scene of an uncontrolled electronic music party that would have been attended by thousands of Chinese, the water park would have opened its doors in June and would be receiving only 50% of its capacity according to local media. announced that the organizers charged only 50% of the tickets to women.

wuhan party
Photo: AFP

The images of the massive event have been viral on social networks, users from all over the world have shown their indignation because COVID-19 has been causing outbreaks in several countries that believed they had controlled the situation, and currently, a total of 22 Millions of people have been infected and another 800,000 have died.

The Coronavirus has been controlled in China, according to official data from the country, only dozens of daily cases would be registered throughout China. Despite this, many Chinese citizens continue to keep their distance and prefer to wear masks in public places, although the municipality of Wuhan, one of the worst-hit economically due to the pandemic, tries to boost tourism.

Wuhan is the capital of the province of Hubei, where since May there have been no new cases of Coronavirus, the authorities, in order to promote tourism in the area, have been offering free tickets in more than 400 tourists places.

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