Sky Greens: The first sustainable farm born in Singapore

Sky Greens is a sustainable farm located about 20 miles from the skyscrapers of Singapore. This project has more than 100 towers of nine meters high that offer us a new vision of how crops can be included within urban sustainability plans. The facilities have sufficient resources to be able to grow any type of vegetable or vegetable by recycling the water used. In addition, it only uses the electrical energy necessary to light a 60-watt bulb!

The creator of this innovative proposal in Jack Ng, who invented and founded Sky Greens in 2009, since then starting the necessary research for the farm for which he experimented with several prototypes. But it was finally in 2012 that his experiments were spot on and he was able to bring out his proposal.

The quirky crop farm runs slowly rotating water-powered aluminum containers, vegetables and greens go through a water cycle every eight hours or so. In addition, the water that drives the containers can be recycled and filtered to return to the plants and continue the cycle.

On the other hand, all organic waste from the farm is composted and turned into natural fertilizer. On the doubts about the lack of nutrients in his crops, Jack Ng spoke out stating that «the plants are not stressed too much under the sun, at the same time they can obtain the same nutrients from the water».

Currently, Sky Greens farm produces 40% more than the equivalent of Chinese vegetable imports. Singapore only produces 7% of the vegetables it consumes, but Ng believes that its vertical farm system can increase this to 50% if it continues to develop.

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