Evo Morales is accused of rape and human trafficking

With openly misogynistic phrases, Evo Morales made people talk in 2011 by mentioning the following: «when I go through the towns, all the women are pregnant and in their bellies he says: ‘Evo complies.’

The leader of the Bolivian political party MAS, Evo Morales, has once again fallen into the eye of the storm after being indicted for the crimes of rape and human trafficking, as well as accusations of rape against a girl under 15 years of age.

The fascination of the socialist leader for minors is known when he pointed out in 2008 that his retirement from Bolivian politics would be spent in his coca plantations with a fifteen-year-old and her charango. However, this could cost him up to 20 years in prison in his country since sexual relations with minors are not legal even with their consent.

After his exile in Argentina, it has been announced that the former president would be in a romantic relationship with a 19-year-old girl with whom he would have started dating since she was 16. This news has caused great indignation among a wide sector of the Argentine population that does not understand why there have been no marches regarding the feminist community.

Although the love relationship seems consensual, it would be other characters who could have been victims of Morales Ayma, and whose last name appears on the birth certificate of a baby as a result of the rape of a girl under 15 who gave birth at 16. Guido Melgar, Deputy Minister of Transparency and Fight against Corruption, stated that «The minor exists, the mother exists and the minor has Juan Evo Morales Ayma as a registered father

For Morales, who would not have ruled out or confirmed a relationship with the young Noemi Meneses Chavez, current alleged partner of the former president, the complaints correspond to desperate actions by the right to incriminate him and divide his party on the eve of the October 18 elections in which, he has considered, his party can return to the political career of his country. «They want us destroyed, surely there will be a partner out there who can lend themselves to this problem of division, but they are personal problems«, he said.


Evo Morales never married. The single 60-year-old former president of Bolivia has had 2 children by different women, Evaliz and Álvaro, 25 and 24 years old respectively, whom he took many years to recognize. The news of his new conquest would have been released after different WhatsApp messages in which the statements of the young lover reveal their obvious romance.

The New Yorker journalist, John Lee Anderson, who interviewed him when he was in Mexico City, claimed that the teenager was behind the scenes and that, eventually, she crossed glances and smiles with the exiled Morales.

When we were talking, I realized that a young woman was listening to us in a chair a few meters away. She had dark hair in ponytails, and she was wearing jeans and a T-shirt with the word «love» in bright white letters. From time to time she and Evo exchanged glances and smiles. At one point, Morales interrupted the conversation to ask the photographer not to take photos of the woman. Later, when Morales was posing, he asked me to take a picture of him with his mobile. He stood with his back to the garden wall, and from there he played with Morales, who was posing a little further away«, said the communications professional.


The young Meneses Chavez has asserted that she has begun her relationship with the former president since last May, however, she later affirmed that their friendship began at the age of 16.

For the Bolivian forces of order, this case began when the young woman was arrested along with her sister Gladys Meneses, who would be considered involved in an uprising in Cochabamba. Thus, the police who had access to the cell phone found different photographs of the young woman with Evo Morales in a more personal situation.


According to some Bolivian lawyers, the young woman whose identity is not yet known must be the one to personally make the complaint; however, the authorities indicate that this is not necessary and the complaints have proceeded.

Among other complaints generated against the former Bolivian dictator are crimes of terrorism and sedition.

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