Audios involve President Martín Vizcarra in the deepest political crisis in Peru

The audios reveal agreements between Martin Vizcarra, Miriam Morales and Karem Roca to give a single version of the events to the prosecution. This would set up different crimes, according to different lawyers.

A series of audios target the President of the Republic Martín Vizcarra, after making it clear on numerous occasions that he did not know or receive visits from the recently known singer, Richard Swing. The recordings published in the Congress of the Republic have penetrated to the point of having presented a presidential vacancy.

Among the audios presented, it can be seen how the president tries to adjust the truth of the facts with his advisers Miriam Morales and Karem Roca. The latter would have been the one who recorded the audios due to the closeness of her voice and participation in the string of audios that were presented.

In the message to the nation given tonight by the president, he pointed out the origin of the audios as illegal and reaffirmed that he would not resign. However, from the opposing platform, Omar Chehade, in an interview with Milagros Leiva, commented that in different circumstances this method has been used to denounce unethical acts in the development of public functions, such as the case of the Vladivideos who were denounced by Matilde Pinchi Pinchi.

On the other hand, the head of state explained that this action would only seek to destabilize the country and that there would be dark forces in search of power. Among those mentioned, would be the former comptroller, Edgar Alarcón, who denounced the audios in the Congress of the Republic. Among others of those mentioned, according to the president, would be those against the law of the octagons, as well as the group interested in congressional re-election.

In response to his own words, the president affirms that these would be «imaginary statements» and that they succumb to the personal interests of those who seek a plot against democracy.

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