Stockholm syndrome

Peruvians live kidnapped in our homes, in our work, in our routine of trying to get ahead in the middle of a global crisis. On the other hand, a Big Brother to whom we must pay homage has told us lies after lies and even so, the best way to remedy the problem is to applaud him.

Mr. Martín Vizcarra has caused this damage in the country, but not only has it been enough for him to kidnap us, but his pseudo-dictatorial desire has led him to the madness of making the hostages believe that we are guilty of trying to survive. Dear reader, we are not pleased to inform you that if you belong to this group that congratulates the current president, you could suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Benevolent feelings. The person is acquiring feelings of understanding, as well as affective ties with his abductor. Applauding him, congratulating him, considering that the death of 30,000 Peruvians is not a sufficient reason to be critical is a clear example of such behavior.
  • Justify the kidnapper. It approves that you are considered a criminal by the government and that a kind of mercenary advertising tells you that you and only you are an «accomplice» in a situation as tragic as a disease. If you answer yes to this discomfort, let me remind you that this situation is classified as discrimination.
  • The permanence of feelings. If even despite the deaths, adding audios, purchase of ghost tablets that caused school dropouts, overpriced purchases, friends favors, public mistreatment of the figure of his wife, hospitals in states of emergency, poorly paid and infected medical personnel, among other ‘gems’ of this government, you still believe that you are the best president of Peru, I regret to tell you that you need to visit a psychiatrist.
Richard Swing case. Source: Google Images.

You will agree, dear reader, that neutrality does not mean letting mistakes go by, but exposing them for correction. This small newspaper in its quest to be neutral has the task of exposing and overseeing how the good press should do, to the governments of the day, whatever the color of their party or, failing that, its absence.

No. Journalism does not have to be a kind of public relations office that seeks to insert subliminal messages to society. Unfortunately, the vast majority still are, some are and for this, there are no remedies. We suggest, in view of the sad reality, that if you are one of those who think you have this syndrome, visit various sources of information. Sometimes you may or may not like what others say, but this will help you form a critical judgment and break free from your abductor.

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