Ate: Subject attacked 3 women inside their home

On 16th December, in the early hours of the morning, a man identified as Diego Ronaldo Cuéllar Sandoval (23) tried to kill three women inside his home. The incident took place in the Juan Velasco Alvarado human settlement, located in the district of Ate. According to the statements, the man was constantly harassing one of the victims identified as Elizabeth (23), with whom he had a relationship until February of this year and who he had threatened to kill on several occasions for having ended their relationship.

Cuellar Sandoval allegedly entered the property of his former partner after climbing over the wall of a neighbouring house. Once on the inside, the assailant beat and stabbed Elizabeth while she was sleeping. Her mother (45) and sister (12) tried to defend her, but ended up becoming the next victims of the subject. The three women were taken to the Hospital of Ate, where they remained with a reserved prognosis.

The neighbours in the sector went to the house alerted by the screams of the victims, where they found the aggressor attacking one of the women. Diego Ronaldo tried to flee the scene of the crime, however he was caught by the group of neighbours. Cuellar injured himself to avoid being lynched.

According to statements by the victims’ aunt, the subject already had a record prior to the attack.

«My sister is in a serious condition, I feel sorry for everything that is happening. I want justice, the first time she tried to burn down the house. What do the police want to see, do they want to see my two nieces dead? My niece has guarantees and it is of no use to her», declared Mrs. Yolanda, indignant at the lack of attention to her niece’s case.

Cuellar Sandoval had already filed a complaint for burning down the house where this attempted femicide took place.

Although the man is currently being held at a police station in the sector, neighbours and relatives of the young Elizabeth believe he will be released.


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