2 gun attacks in London and The Hague cause panic in Europe

Two allegedly terrorist attacks would have been carried out today on the London Bridge and in a shopping center in The Hague. In the London Bridge, the balance of victims has been 2 dead and 3 injured, while the result in the Dutch city has reached 3 injured. In both situations, the attacks were carried out with a sharp weapon.

London, United Kingdom

The attacker was shot by the officers. He was found with an explosive vest that was later proven counterfeit. The London police cataloged the event as a terrorist act while the same scenario was used as that of a similar event two and a half years earlier. Also, the suspect had recently been released from prison after serving a sentence for terrorism.

During the event, some citizens managed to neutralize the attacks by pouncing on the attacker. «They are the best of us all», congratulated the mayor, Sadiq Khan, to those considered heroes today in the face of the emergency. The event took place in one of the busiest places in London, as well as close to Christmas festivities and in a politically tense environment due to the elections.

The Hague, Netherlands

Tres heridos en un ataque con cuchillo en La Haya
Hours later, after knowing the fact in London, a suspect tried to flee after attacking different people in a Dutch mall. The three wounded by a knife were minors. However, despite the similarity of the events with what happened in the British city, the Dutch authorities have not listed the act as a terrorist. On the other hand, investigations are still ongoing because no apparent motivation is known.

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