Keiko Fujimori: former candidate would be released in the next few hours

After the decision of the Constitutional Court to accept the Habeas Corpus filed by the older sister of Keiko Fujimori, his departure is still in the process according to the words of the INPE Chief. The former congresswoman is still deprived of her freedom despite receiving the release order at 3:50 p.m. (Peruvian local time) at the Women’s Criminal Annex in Chorrillos.

Meanwhile, the husband of the former presidential candidate, Mark Vito Villanella, has demanded that the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) proceed quickly to the release of his wife since today, Friday, November 29, is his daughter’s birthday, Kiara Vito, and it would be great to share it together.

While the body of physicians performing the post-incarceration assessment is lying, it seems they would have already completed the corresponding assessments at 4:11 p.m.

The reactions

The reactions have been diverse. On the one hand, the prosecutor who requested the preventive detention for the leadership of the opposition, Domingo Perez, has mentioned that the ruling of the Constitutional Court (TC) «is unenforceable» while Ernesto Blume, representative of the TC, has responded that » It is a coherent and harmonious sentence that rescues the value of the person «and that the decision» is immovable and mandatory. »

On the other hand, the prosecutor’s words have not been welcomed by some other figures in the process. «It is not the responsibility of a prosecutor to request the annulment of the ruling,» said Carlos Ramos Núñez, magistrate of the Constitutional Court. Thus, also, Fujimori’s lawyer also responded to the prosecutor’s comments. «Prosecutor Domingo Perez is not part of the Habeas Corpus process.»

News in development

Chorrillos: (20:50 hrs.) Keiko Fujimori has left the Women’s Jail.

INPE: (17:57 hrs.) «In a couple more hours you should be finishing the checks.»

CONFIEP: (5:46 p.m.) Prosecutor Domingo Perez has requested the Public Prosecutor to annul the ruling on Keiko Fujimori.

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