YouTube: a group of famous YouTubers will perform 11 days of eco-challenges

Youtube turns green and is that many of the most followed YouTubers in Europe have decided to intensify their efforts by making new challenges. These will help you save the planet as you have fun. Norman, Enjoy Phoenix or Akim Omiri and some athletes such as Nikola Karabatic or actress Juliette Trésanini, many of them recognized in French-speaking countries, will perform for 11 days different challenges that can be imitated by everyone in order to help counteract our footprint in the planet.

From December 9 to 19, these personalities will face 11 challenges with three levels of commitment, from «ultra beginners», a kind of environmentalist «for fools», to experts. In total, 33 gestures. The exclusive launch video is online since Monday.

«We should always do better for season 2»,  jokes Akim Omiri, a former boxer, comedian and YouTuber who «weighs» 610,000 subscribers. «This is an opportunity for some who lost the brand, like my friend Jérémy Nadau, who reaches more than 1.5 million people on his channel, to join this initiative!»

Those who lend their faces and notoriety to this campaign are not all environmentalists from the beginning, but «even if the messages are very popular, the background is concrete», says Camille Etienne. The stars of the web have been accompanied by such prestigious experts as Valérie Masson-Delmotte, co-president of Giec or Gilles Bœuf, former director of the National Museum of French Natural History. For those who want to go beyond the simple challenge, they have presented videos that will help to understand the problems.

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