Chile: ‘Train of Lights’ in the sky alarmed the population

On Tuesday night, the Chilean population witnessed an unusual event that traveled the sky and left more than one surprised. A kind of ‘train of lights’, as they have called it, crossed the sky leaving more than one doubt among the spectators.

Resultado de imagen de tren de luces en el cielo chile"
The hypothesis of many went from a play of lights to the possible existence of extraterrestrial beings. However, according to specialists consulted, it would be nothing more than one of the recent technological innovations of certain companies in the field of artificial satellites.

Resultado de imagen de tren de luces en el cielo chile"

«They are a group of 60 small satellites that intend to develop a particular company to provide hundreds of global communications services,», was said by Cesar Fuentes, an astronomer at the University of Chile – CATA.

Apparently, some companies seek to streamline services by surrounding the world with a kind of communicative mesh. This would reduce the Internet gap in some places. According to the specialist, one should not have any fear of the fall of one of these satellites at the end of its useful life since companies are obliged to communicate to the countries potentially affected when the fall could occur and that they can take the forecasts of the case.

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