Martín Vizcarra: president is denounced for irregular payment

President Martín Vizcarra adds one more complaint to the 47 he has registered since his term as regional governor of Moquegua. A payment amounting to S / 41 869 000 would have been made to the ICCGSA consortium, a company investigated in the case of the Construction Club in which Odebrecht participated. The incident would have arisen a day before leaving his post as regional governor of the region.

The payment was made under the premise of creating the Moquegua Regional Hospital, which was recently inaugurated 3 years after its delivery date, on November 22. In the words of the prosecutor who brought the case, the payments would have been made in 113 parts of 310,000 soles, 256,000 soles, and 31,000 soles. As well as the issuance of other vouchers for amounts of 971,000 soles.

Among the officials who would have supported the issuance of the payment is the current Minister of Transportation, a portfolio formerly occupied by the president, Edmer Trujillo. However, far from pointing to the real responsible, the Prime Minister, Vicente Zevallos said that the Minister of Transportation is the one who should clarify the complaint to the population.

According to the control manager of Megaprojects of Comptroller, Luis Robas, this act would incur a criminal offense that is already in the hands of the prosecution since 2014.

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