Venezuela: official member invites international observers to the next elections

Venezuela is close to holding its next parliamentary elections. For the same ones that will take place in 2020, the Caribbean country has invited the international community to witness the event. This has been seen by Jorge Rodríguez Gómez, Vice President of Communication, Tourism, and Culture of the Nicolás Maduro regime, during his participation in the COP25 in Madrid.

«That the United Nations observes, that the European Union observes if it so wishes, that it observes Spain, we are going to cross invitation to all the organisms and to all the countries that in good faith want to go to observe the elections,» he said.

However, the invitation did not include members of the Organization of American States (OAS) due to the latest events in which the same organization, in his opinion, would not have been of great help in the fall of the Evo Morales regime. «It is not a multilateral organization where the countries of America are located, but an organization to attack other peoples.»

This political action takes place amid accusations of corruption by a group of opposition deputies led by Juan Guaidó related to a subsidized food program. Given this, Rodríguez Gomez was emphatic in mentioning that they were facing the «last throes of a dark adventure» that would have been carried out, from his point of view, with the self-proclamation of the opposition leader as interim president and having been recognized for more than 50 countries.

It should be remembered that Venezuela has not had parliamentary elections since 2015. On that occasion, the opposition Democratic Unity Board (MUD) won with more than 56% of the votes.

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