Daniel Salaverry states that Keiko Fujimori held talks with César Hinostroza

In statements with the prosecutor in charge of the Case of Keiko Fujimori, José Domingo Perez, the former president of Congress, Daniel Salaverry, has suggested that the opposition leader would have held talks with the former supreme judge, César Hinostroza Pariachi, and the former prosecutor of the Nation, Pedro Chávarry.

According to the IDL-Reporters portal, the leader of Fuerza Popular would have asked the former congressman and former member of her bank to coordinate a meeting with the former judge. However, he said that Hinostroza preferred to maintain contact through Héctor Becerril, Miguel Torres or Úrsula Letona.

# LAST What the former president of Congress, Daniel Salaverry, declared before the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez’s office. [WE OPEN THREAD] pic.twitter.com/pzzfFNdwRK – IDL-Reporters (@IDL_R) December 6, 2019

A short time later, the appeal would have been admitted that Fujimori’s defense to change the decision to change the Cocktails case to the Organized Crime Law.

In addition, Salaverry stated that he met the former supreme prosecutor, Pedro Chávarry, in August 2018 when he presided over the Congress of the Republic. In this way, he was able to meet him at the door of the San Ignacio de Loyola University in the congressman’s vehicle. «Just fast. Tell the doctor that what they have told me I see it complicated,» said the then supreme prosecutor.

The former president of Congress said he had not given the message to Keiko Fujimori and that he would not have delivered the documents to Pedro Chávarry, as Fujimori had requested.

“To whom he did deliver the envelope with documents and manuscripts, according to Salaverry, he went to another tax office that is in charge of other ongoing investigations,” says the IDL-Reporters portal.

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