Medicines: users would pay extra costs for specialized generics

After the publication of the list of generic drugs that pharmacies and pharmacies are obliged to sell, the Association of Independent Pharmacies and Pharmacies (Anabif) have confirmed the existence of at least 7 specialized generics in the aforementioned list.

Given this, the measure he has decided to take is to transfer their cost overruns to users. It should be noted that these specialized generic medications are mainly used in the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy and schizophrenia. Due to its low turnover compared to other medicines, this would mainly affect the economy of these businesses.

“From the list published last Sunday by the Minsa, at least nine products would not correspond to the management of an independent pharmacy or pharmacy – which is an SME – but to a specialized one, since they are for the treatment of diseases such as schizophrenia or epilepsy, ”said Anabif president to a local media, Aly Carlos Villarroel.

The representative also considered that due to the low demand for specialized generic medicines, some pharmacies will not be able to sell them in full, which could result in the expiration of the stored lots. After the imminent loss, they have indicated that it is the consumer who must pay for that loss.

Because of this, Villarroel has asked MINSA to re-evaluate the obligatory nature of these medicines since they could generate a serious economic impact on SMEs.

«One solution would be for the State itself – through its public pharmacies – to supply these products and not transfer them to SMEs, which will ultimately transfer this impact to the patient,» he said.

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