Prosecutor Tomás Gálvez opened an investigation against José Domingo Perez for abuse of authority

Tomás Gálvez, the supreme prosecutor, opened an investigation against the current prosecutor in charge of emblematic cases, José Domingo Pérez for abuse of authority and prevarication in the State’s offense, indicated in articles 376 and 416 of the Criminal Code. In addition, he did the same against Katty Guillen Mendoza, as senior prosecutor of the Superior Prosecutor’s Office in Moquegua.

As the statement has shown, both prosecutors have been notified by the complaint made by citizen Karen Milagros Nicho Pinto. Both public figures must submit their discharges within a period not exceeding 5 business days.

Domingo Pérez is charged with «having ordered that the Office of Institutional Image of the Public Prosecutor’s Office edit a video and disseminate […] information on the case called ‘Colesi’, whereby those investigated are presented to the public opinion [. ..] as guilty of the crimes against the public administration, […] with the purpose of creating doubts in the population of Moqueguana about the people investigated ”.

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