3 materials that your next cell phone could be made of and are cutting edge technology

Flexible cell phones or unbreakable screens. All this is possible thanks to new materials that allow it. Every day that passes the technology changes and the plastic or steel has been left behind. Meet some of the innovative materials that you can find on your next phone and that is already being launched in the market.


Resultado de imagen para grafeno

Have you seen the new flexible screens? Well, graphene is one of its main components. Thanks to its fiber-optic networks capable of developing much faster speeds, this material is perfect for building technology and appeared almost by chance.

According to experts, this material can be molded for almost anything and make objects an intelligent device. Can you imagine that the wall of your room wakes you up in the morning with the news? It sounds futuristic, but there are already giant screens of this material that allow it and its implementation is extremely simple.

Nanocellulose or ‘ecological plastic’

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Plastic has become one of the worst enemies of man, as it is one of the main waste that pollutes the environment. Today’s solution is nanocellulose or also known as organic plastic. This material is already in countless electronic devices and the extension of its use is already a reality. Currently, it is sought to be implemented in the creation of textile fibers, cardboard, and even skincare creams, with very good results.

Carbon fiber

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You’ve probably heard of her. Carbon fiber is one of the best-known materials. This compound is 5 times stronger than steel, it is much lighter than aluminum. On the other hand, it has a great resistance to moisture which makes it a material of great use in fields such as the aeronautical industry, for the conduction of renewable energies, in the field of computer science, among others.

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