Google Maps informs you which are the safest streets

Whether they don’t know how to get somewhere, how to avoid traffic or just find yourself in a strange country, Google Maps is one of the options you can use to be able to guide you through the streets with total normality and much faster.

However, this app used to take people through fast places without traffic, but in many cases, they were extremely unsafe streets. Therefore, the company, in the process of innovating and improving its application, has managed to determine its map which is the best-illuminated streets to provide for the issue of user safety.

Así luce la nueva función de Google Maps que te dice cuáles son las calles más seguras. (Foto: Google)

According to XDA Developers,  they have discovered an internal code in the new version of Google Maps (Beta 10.31.0) that will show in yellow if the street is correctly lit. While the process of change and the publication of this new version has no release date, some developers have managed to isolate the code that allows you to see this update.

Este es el código que implementa la nueva herramienta en Google Maps. (Foto: Google)

With this function, they will be able to benefit pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists among other users managing to travel safely and avoiding congested streets.

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