What is the psychological profile of a serial killer?

In an increasingly violent world with attacks of all kinds, murder is one of the most serious crimes and occurs in many ways. According to many psychologists skilled in the art, the human being has certain extremely prominent features that can be classified as a murderer; However, these are not decisive in all cases. What are these traits? We will meet you below.

Psychological profile:

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It is difficult to build the psychological profile of a murderer due to the changes that may occur between the two cases. However, some features and characteristics appear more recurrently in these types of people.

  1. The conception of the victim as a cause of damage, obstacle or threat
    Usually, the killer observes his victim as a hurtful factor in his life. As if it had caused him some kind of damage or represents an obstacle in what he wants to obtain or achieve. His ideal is to disappear that which stands between his desire or desire. You can also present yourself as someone who meets the characteristics of someone who hurt you in the past. The similarity takes up memories of the past and emerges its wildest side.
  2. Psychopathy with a high score in different psychological tests
    Usually, the murders are carried out among people who maintained some kind of relationship. However, there are also many cases in which the victim did not know the victim and the latter would have planned and followed his victim for a long time. This is a level of psychopathy in which the perpetrator studies his «prey.» That ability to distance themselves emotionally from the victim is projected as a high level of psychopathy.
  3. Discretion
    The killer does not usually present extraordinary features to the rest of the population. It can be an ordinary person who does not stand out mainly in some type of specific area.
  4. Inability to solve the problem in another way
    His inability to find solutions and consider that killing will solve his problem is one of the main features of a murderer. Among all possible solutions, you will always consider that the death of the person to attack is the best solution.
  5. There is not always a mental disorder
    Usually, most murders take place at the hands of people who are considered mentally healthy. They are not necessarily linked to some type of mental disorder. However, serial killers have other types of traits that can stand out from those of a common killer. Among them the appearance of some type of disorder.
  6. Sex and age
    Common killers are usually young or middle-aged men. However, much evidence of murderous women, as well as boys and girls, have also been found. The ways in which men usually kill is through visible tools such as white weapons or guns demonstrating their level of aggressiveness. However, women tend to be much more discreet through poisoning. This technique allows you to camouflage your actions before the authorities for a longer time.

Serial Killers

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We know many cases that are documented in films and television series today: Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, among others. As we have been able to denote, the murderer is outlined in a way that is not very striking about the population in general. However, as we mentioned, the serial killer is different. This presents some features above those already mentioned. Among them:

  • Lack of empathy
  • They seem to be normal
  • They choose vulnerable victims
  • They are manipulators/seducers
  • They come from dysfunctional families
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