Prosecutor Juan Carrasco was forced to leave Chiclayo after discovering plan to assassinate him

The Interior Ministry reported on a plan organized by inmates from Challapalca to assassinate provincial prosecutor Juan Carrasco Millones. The affected person is currently in charge of the Los Temerarios del Crimen and Los Wachiturros de Tumán cases. The prosecutor had to evacuate the city of Chiclayo, as a measure to safeguard his life and that of his family.

In an interview with Canal N, Carrasco said he had been the victim of threats since the capture of groups such as La Gran Familia, Los Wachiturros de Tumán and Los Limpios de La Corrupción. The worrying fact would have been discovered after INPE staff at the Challapalca prison found manuscripts in the cell of one of the inmates.

The measures that have been taken to protect the official are to put all his immediate family members in custody and increase the security personnel that protects him. It was also announced that the plan was to be carried out by hitmen from the La Gran Familia clan.

Cases of Prosecutor Carrasco

The prosecutor is in charge of the investigation in relation to Los Temerarios del Crimen since the criminal network was dismantled in November 2018. The alleged leader of the organization would be former mayor David Cornejo, in addition to being involved councilors, public officials and even congressmen. Some crimes that they would have infringed would be against public administration, influence peddling, money laundering, among others.

The Los Wachiturros de Tumán case positions Edwin Oviedo, former president of the Peruvian Football Federation, as head of two former union leaders of the Tumán sugar factory in Chiclayo. This band, disarmed in 2015, would have committed grievances against others who opposed the business group.

On March 6, the oral trial will begin against Oviedo regarding the last deceased during 2015, Percy Waldemar Farro Witte. The process-related to Manuel Rimarachín Gascos is still waiting because Farro’s is more recent and there is more information from key witnesses.

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