Lima: mayor Jorge Muñoz continues to decline in approval

The mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz, closed the year 2019 with an approval of 51%, two points less than the last survey conducted by IPSOS and Diario El Comercio. The study was conducted between December 11 and 13, 2019. The study also revealed that the teacher, who had started with a disapproval of only 14%, now has 40% in just 12 months of management.

Much to do

For the expert, Jorge Ruiz de Somocurcio, the mayor of Lima has failed to attack the clearest problems that affect the citizen of the capital. In his opinion, he considers that his lack of perceptions regarding the wave of femicides that are increasing in the country and in Lima as capital is really dismaying.

On the other hand, the most momentous problems such as transport, which responded to being one of the best among their proposals, still do not show results. “Your workhorse can be the construction of emblematic public spaces, the recovery of rivers. There are no strong announcements about disasters now that the rainy season begins. Muñoz could be the head of the great projects that Lima needs, but ideas are lacking, ”said the architect.

On the other hand, the inaction of the mayor of Lima has become a point of criticism for the representative of the Student Union of Architecture, Sasha Chumpitaz: “Last year there were several high moments where there was a lack of listening, lack of active and real participation of citizens, as in the subject of San Marcos or the evaluation of the Master Plan of the Historic Center. It is time to give a drastic change in this way of communicating and engaging in a dialogue with the real intention of serving people and what they want for their city, ”he told the pollster.


In comparison to his predecessors, Jorge Muñoz has been the mayor with the most support prior to his administration. With 63%, he managed to fight the third year of Castañeda’s management, which closed with a 78% disapproval. It should be noted that Castañeda had 60% approval at the beginning, while Susana Villarán had 40% support.

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