CES2020: the most anticipated technology fair of the year

The 5G, 8K screens, voice assistants and driving with the mind are the phenomena of this year. The CES2020 is an event that takes place in the first weeks of the year to be able to take a look at the new proposals that large technology companies have both in the area of ​​cars and cell phones, Smart TVs, robots, artificial intelligence, among other items.

CES is an event created since 1967 through which VHS, DVD, HDTVs, tablets and even 3D printers have passed. Last year what most caught the attention of the public was the roller TV, the first commercial quantum computer and a car with legs.

This year it will be held in Las Vegas from January 7 until 10 of the same and big companies want to show off their new equipment such as Samsung with their 8K Smart TV or Xiaomi with their 5G capacity cell phones. More than 4000 exhibitors will be welcomed in the largest technology event in the world, from large companies to small emerging companies.

5G Advances

Then, that in 2019 Xiaomi, LG and Samsung will launch their cell phones with 5G capacity, this year’s CES promises to have big surprises for the new releases this 2020, but it is not left alone in cell phones, 5G is also planned to use future in farms to optimize tracking with drones containing 5G connections, capacity 20 times faster than 4G.

Resultado de imagen para telefonos 5g

Televisions and 8K technology

The highlight of the CES is televisions, as cell phone companies wait for BMW in Barcelona to showcase their new equipment. This year Samsung has opted to show its new TV with 8K quality with 99% screen and the ability to increase the size of the images on the screen without losing image quality.

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