Peruvian economy will be affected by the conflict between the US and Iran

Due to the tense situation between the United States and the Asian country Iran, the economy in our country can obtain not so positive results and a strong impact. That is why the former Minister of Economy and Finance, Alonso Segura, said that this conflict can generate a lot of uncertainty worldwide and mainly in Peru.

In an interview with a national TV channel, the former minister considered that this confrontation between both countries is a bad start for this year and that the economy in Peru closed unfavorably in 2019. In addition, he noted that the management by the Executive manipulated figures so as not to publish the real levels of public investment that would be lower than what was announced.

In addition, the former minister explained that the total of the Modified Institutional Budget (PIM) was reduced so that the results appear with a higher percentage to the real.

‘The only explanation I can think of is to inflate that percentage. It is one thing to transfer items during the year from one game to another to seek greater execution, but reducing over the closing to inflate the percentage is something that raises doubts about the management of fiscal policy, ‘said former Minister Segura.

He suggested that this measure should be approved by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) and the relevant executing units. In addition, Segura Vasi said that the percentage of the budget executed by the Peruvian government was 76% because the budget was reduced and there was poor management of it in the public finances of Peru.

On the other hand, he criticized that the Executive did not know how to set up an adequate government economic agenda that generates enthusiasm in businessmen and that it is difficult to see an important return on private investment.

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