The three wise men: the ride that respects the environment

The three wise men: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar arrived as every January 5 in Madrid, capital of Spain. Many novelties, focused mainly on the environment, were observed and in which adults and children were surprised to see the horses, deer and a total of 200 volunteers who supported the activity.

The kings visited different Spanish cities (Zaragoza, Cádiz, Bilbao, among others), and used different means of transport, by land, sea, and air, carrying a sack with ten tons of candies to give to children in their path. The different treats were wrapped with biodegradable materials, to avoid contamination.

In addition to the candies, the Magi were accompanied by a music band, formed by a group of young people, in which they play different melodies with instruments with recycled materials, such as tin cans and plastic bottles. In addition, approximately 600 thousand flower seeds were distributed on recyclable paper.

As a means of transport, several groups paraded with bicycles, such as the Municipal Police, Mobility Agents, the Municipal Transport Company and the Lukas-Smiles Foundation on Wheels.

With a vindictive message, the ride was intended to make people aware of the importance of contributing to the conservation of the environment, accompanied by the motto «Plant your desire, save the planet.»

Throughout the march, it was possible to observe 32 floats and about 400 artists. The message marked the dress of many of the participants and the floats, in which a large number of floral motifs abounded. Also, the ride took advantage to instill the little ones about the importance of the recycling system.

Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar asked families to leave a better world for their children, to teach them good recycling habits and that they take care of the planet and the environment in the face of the inevitable climate change.

Dozens of people were encouraged to accompany the ride, hindering the passage and saturating the streets where it was practically impossible to travel. However, local police reported that no incident occurred.

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