Nikola Tesla: an energy story

On January 7, another year of the death of Nikola Tesla was commemorated. A visionary who developed the area of ​​electromagnetism by leaps and bounds in the 19th and 20th centuries. Nicola Tesla was born in Serbia on July 28, 1856, according to the Julian calendar or July 10 according to the Gregorian calendar, in the village of Smiljan, his father was Milutin Tesla, a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and his mother Đuka Mandić a housewife of Serbia descent who was a scientist who developed small home appliances. Despite being a Serbian family, Tesla grew up in Croatia given his intellectual interests.

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In 1862 they moved to Gospic where Tesla completed his studies. In 1975 Tesla enters the University of Graz to the Electrical Engineering career where he would graduate according to certain sources despite the fact that the University of Gospic states that Tesla did not continue his studies after the second cycle of the third year.

At the end of 1878, Tesla leaves Graz and stops interacting with his relatives, due to a great crisis with the game that cost him his scholarship, to later lose the allocation and the tuition money, going to Maribor where he would get his first job as an engineer. Here he works for a year until he is persuaded by his father to continue his studies at Carolina University in Prague in 1880, where he would study only one course until his father died and only complete one course.

After leaving Carolina Tesla he goes to Budapest where he began working in a telegraph company in which he meets Nebojša Petrović with whom he establishes a short friendship but with which he begins his first continuous energy project.

In 1882 he moved to Paris to work in the. CONTINENTAL EDISON COMPANY, to create improvements for the equipment brought from America. This same year, Tesla creates the induction motor and many more patents he would receive in 1888. In 1884 Tesla travels to New York with a recommendation from his former boss to work with Edison directly who immediately hires him as an electrical engineer but Tesla’s effectiveness made him climb the company. Until 1885 where due to an unpaid payment by Edison to Tesla and denying him a salary increase of $ 18 to $ 25 he resigned immediately.

In 1886 he founded his own company but his investors, not believing in his creations, relieved him of his position, so he had to work as a worker the following year so that in 1887 he created a brushless induction motor, although it was built by another the same way and lost the patent, later the same year, he worked at the Westinghouse company.

By 1891 Tesla created his coil (which would bear his last name) while becoming a US citizen, with his Tesla coil it would take two years to discover a phenomenon called «tesla light». After these inventions, Tesla would succeed for his patented inventions although he would continue to have economic problems to finance his projects, which he would pay with the money from the patents of his inventions and the following that he would continue inventing over the years until in 1943 he would die at the age of 86 on January 7.

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